Monday, January 12, 2009

AFC Championship Week

Well after we seriously dropped the ball on all of Pittsburgh last week due to things beyond our control, DWD is back and running and ready to show Ray Lewis what real murder looks like.

Mondays look into this week's matchup will focus on two previous meetings between the Steez and Ravens.

Game One
The first match up found the Ravens in Pittsburgh in late September. The Steez were down by 10 points, and down to their fourth and last running back. Somehow, they found an offense that was missing for most of three quarters and a way to win a game that they could have easily lost.

Jeff Reed kicked a 46-yard field goal in overtime and the Steez withstood two season-ending injuries to key players and a bad first half to outlast the Ravens 23-20. Speaking of Jeff Reed, how bout the Skipsters blonde hair. His Southside hoes must love it. This game saw the loss of Mendenhall and Simmons. Hate the Ravens. Hate Ed Reed. Hate Ray Lewis

Game Two
In a duel between the top two defenses in the NFL, the Steez did not permit a touchdown in earning its first win in Baltimore since 2002. We limited the Ravens a season-low 202 yards. At this point, the Steez had gone 14 straight games without yielding 300 yards, tying the 1973 Los Angeles Rams for the longest streak to start a season since the NFL merger in 1970.

Ravens fans cried, and we wont the AFC North.

And that brings us to Sundays match up. Beating a team 3 times in a season is hard, but I feel we are a totally different team at this point than we were in the regular season. Hate Flacco.

Go Steez

Friday, January 9, 2009

Time for Change

The Pens need a change more than the diaper of a baby who had been eating Mexican food all day. A trade would help but what needs to be done is MIKEY T NEEDS TO BE FIRED!! I've been saying it forever but it is pretty evident right now. Please Big Guy make it happen!!

We know Janne won't get a legit shot until Mikey is Gone.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Call To Action

The boys of DWD have been called upon to enter the realms on the Mellon Arena and bring the Pens out of the slump.

Look for a first hand post-game Guins report on the battle tonight with the Dirty Birds.

Go Pens

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This Blows....

It's been a horrible new years for Pittsburgh sports. Pitt football didn't score a point in their bowl, Penn State decided to stop playing Pass D in theirs, and the pens are just in complete loser mode as they are losing 5-1 to the Florida Panthers..........god.....wait make that 6-1. Staggy just said that this is rock bottom.....

2 things need to happen a certain head coach needs to be fired and a certain Finnish forward needs to be called up to be the savior...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PENS vs bruins

Well the last game of 2008 will prove to be a huge test for the Pens. The Bruins are coming into town holding down the top spot in the East, playing a shut down system that could frustrate the Pens.

The Guins looked solid in their last game against the Habs, even though we came up short. The Pens outshot the Canadians and pretty much dominated all game, besides some homo getting his first career hat trick and single-handedly beating the pens. Sid got some shots on net and Mr. Dupuis proved yet again that he is the luckiest man in the world with an absolute fluke goal. I'm not complaining though, I just wish I had some of his luck.

Biznasty was sent back down to WBS. Big surprise. Are there any other 3rd or 4th line AHL guys we can bring up while Minard and Nanana continue to dominate??

If the Penguins continue to play their grinding system, the bruins will no doubt control tonights game and probably walk away with a 2-0 win. Hopefully this isn't the case and Mikey T gets his mind straight and makes a few changes. We need to open it up and get pucks on net... So this brigns us to..

Donnie's Keys to Victory

1) Now I don't wanna sound like a Steelers fan at a Pens game, but we have to get the puck on net. Do you see what happened when dupuis atleast put a shot in the direction of the net. Deflections happen. Generate some offense.

2) The 3rd and 4th lines need to produce. Lately I have begun to think that the only chance we have of scoring is when Geno is on the ice. It makes for frustrating hockey. Our 3rd lines has been in the biggest slump and it needs to stop.

3) MAF and the D to shut down a persistant Bruins attack. In Flower we trust.

4) Just win the game and end the new year right.